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President's Message

JJ Kim
Welcome to the Korean American Chamber of Commerce of Orange County’s homepage. Since its founding in 1978, this organization has worked diligently to bring together Korean American business owners throughout Orange County to help create a fertile business environment for growth and success for its members.
As we begin our 39th year, we re-dedicate ourselves to the mission of service, education and advocacy by strengthening our core network and resources. We will stay true to the vision of becoming the voice of Korean American business owners and entrepreneurs in Orange County. By offering a wide range of services and forums for engagement, we will actively cultivate opportunities for collaboration and synergy, not only among Korean American businesses, but also with other chambers, business organizations, community groups and government entities.
Continued success of small business will ensure the success of our community. Together, we can preserve and grow the vibrant and dynamic business environment that is Orange County well into the 21st century and beyond. Let us begin now.
J.J. Kim / The 39th President